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Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co.’s office in Chicago’s Center Business District follows a traditional layout with attorney’s offices lining the majority of the exterior walls and core, and open office for support staff in the middle. The cafe is located in the Northeast corner, overlooking the Chicago River, and flows thoughtfully from the reception and main boardroom.

High-end finishes and careful attention to noise transfer complete the professional space. To meet the client’s privacy standard, several sound mitigation techniques were explored by the team, each presented with their Sound Transfer Coefficient (STC). Acoustic insulation mitigates sound transfer between the offices and common cooridor. In the conference rooms, insulation and an additional layer of drywall was the selected solution.

Clyde & Co
Project Description

This high-finish law office uses sound mitigation techniques to create a thoughtful, bright and open office space.

Clyde & Co
30 South Wacker | 26th Floor | Chicago
Construction Schedule:
16 Weeks
15,000 SF
Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Project Management: Lumen

This project was powered by our Helix initiative. For more information click here.

project overview

Project Manager: Charlie Murphy

Senior Superintendent: Rich Jaworowski

Project Engineer: Jacob Straw

Project Executive: Dan Hartman

Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Project Management: Lumen

Clyde & CoClyde & CoClyde & CoClyde & Co

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