Project types

Workspace that works for you

We know that every industry has unique workspace needs, that your office is not merely a place where employees come to work, but a reflection the business, its culture, and its values. We have experience constructing workspaces in a variety of sectors and feel confident that we can create an office that’s perfect for you and your team.



You’ll want space as flexible and inspired as your team. Our tech builds are optimized for collaboration and creativity—and, they’re as functional as they are stylish, which is an important feature in attracting top talent.


Financial + Professional Services

Designed with business in mind, our financial + professional workspaces help facilitate productivity and performance. Whether your space leans traditional or modern, we’ll build a work space that fits the unique needs of your team.


Law Firms

Your practice is a reflection of you: credible, authoritative, and professional. Your workspace should communicate those values Detail-oriented and thorough, we build your law firm to reflect your practice and to promote clients’ trust.


Trading Firms

As a fast-paced industry that never sleeps, trading firms require workspace that can accommodate the bustle of a busy team. Your workspace shouldn’t get in the way. We’ll build your firm with your needs in mind: speed, efficiency, and productivity.


Medical office

When it comes to healthcare, the stakes are high. Caring for patients requires strict regulations and attentiveness. We take care to build medical offices that abide by the protocols that help keep your practice clean, efficient, and effective.

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