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Vivid Seats

Located in the historic Marshall Field's building, the new Vivid Seats corporate headquarters stretches 48,000 SF. The space boasts high-quality finishes and vibrant colors, echoing their energetic company and brand.

Upon entry, the reception features large, angled floor tile and a desk with a chameleon finish that changes colors as you walk by. The North side oversees executive office space, bordered by open offices throughout the rest of the vicinity. Integral to the dynamic design, BIG coordinated with an independent branding contractor to boldly display Vivid Seats' identity throughout the space.

During layout at the beginning of the project, the BIG team discovered the space is out of square by30 inches, leading to an involved problem-solving mission with the architect –Lamar Johnson Collaborative – to preserve the design intent and desired spaces. Found early, this unexpected field conflict was resolved by reworking room dimensions and lighting measurements. One showcase element that was maintained through this successful process is a large corridor running along the West side of the office; with all walls, baffles, and lighting in perfect alignment.

Vivid Seats
Project Description

The new Vivid Seats headquarters in the historic Marshall Field’s building is high-finish and vibrant, echoing their company and brand.

Vivid Seats
24 East Washington Street | Chicago
Construction Schedule:
16 Weeks
48,000 SF
Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Project Management Firm: CBRE

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project overview

Senior PM: Dan Hartman

PM: Charlie Murphy

Preconstruction: Alyssa Miner

Lamar Johnson Collaborative

Project Management Firm: CBRE

Vivid SeatsVivid SeatsVivid SeatsVivid Seats
Steve Hall © Hall+Merrick Photographers

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