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Dr. Dolehide Dermatology

Dr. Dolehide’s dermatology office on the Silver Cross campus has seven exam rooms on the ground floor of Pavilion D. Each exam room has a patient sink, which required trenching to run underground plumbing.

One exam room is lead-lined for the safe use of x-ray equipment.

The facility also includes a private office for the doctor, a workroom and breakroom for staff, and a reception area and restroom for patients. In the central corridor after passing through the waiting room is a nurse’s desk.

The office was configured and verified to fit Dr. Dolehide’s existing furniture and equipment.

Dr. Dolehide Dermatology
Project Description

Dermatology office with seven exams rooms, including a lead-lined room for x-rays.

Dr. Dolehide Dermatology
1851 Silver Cross Boulevard | 1st Floor | New Lenox
Construction Schedule:
11 Weeks
3,000 SF
This project was powered by our Helix initiative. For more information click here.

project overview

Project Manager: Charlie Murphy

Superintendent: Rich Jaworowski

Dr. Dolehide DermatologyDr. Dolehide DermatologyDr. Dolehide DermatologyDr. Dolehide Dermatology

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