Interns Turned Full-time Employees

Meet Jeff Vlaming and Chris Evans, our first interns turned full-time employees. Both Jeff and Chris started as interns during their 2016 winter breaks, and immediately showed their passion for construction. Now, full-time employees for nearly a year they are both excelling in their current roles.

Following graduation from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management Technology, Jeff joined the BIG team as an assistant superintendent. Pursuing a career in construction was a natural fit for Jeff. The son of a carpenter and small business owner, he decided to take advantage of the knowledge he built on from a very young age and put it to use in his current position.

For the last year, Jeff has been working closely with our senior superintendents to gain a better understanding of schedule and subcontractor management and job-site safety. Jeff is responsible for identifying potential safety risks, managing quality control and client satisfaction.

“Why BIG?” "The opportunity and potential for growth far outweighed the risk of joining a newer company in its early stages. Since I started, I have seen tremendous growth at an exponential scale, not only company wide, but at a personal level for my own career, " said Jeff.

Chris joined the BIG team as a full-time project engineer in June 2017 following graduation from Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a concentration in Construction Management. Since Chris started playing with Legos, he has been interested in urban planning and construction.

As a project engineer, Chris directs the procurement and submittal process, maintains our construction management platform and is responsible for managing the bidding and close-out process. Known as our unofficial IT department, Chris sees technology in construction drastically changing over the next five years. He hopes contractors will embrace collaboration software believing it will improve a contractors’ versatility and intuitiveness throughout the entire project management process.  

“Why BIG?” "BIG because our leadership team members are actual leaders. It’s always all hands-on deck, and I didn’t think I would find that anywhere else, " said Chris.

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