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Spacetime Floatation Center

SpaceTime’s vision for their rejuvenating space takes relaxation into consideration from the start. The high-finish reception includes wood flooring, a lime wash on the walls, and sheer curtains.

Behind the scenes, each of SpaceTime’s float rooms has it’s own temperature and lighting controls as well as mini mechanical room to service the finely-tuned, therapeutic environment.

Each floatation tub holds 500 lbs of salt, is drained, cleaned, and refilled after each session. The hygienic space required special attention to materials used in the buildout, starting with green board, a mold-resistant drywall, and including stainless steel trim pieces.

Spacetime Floatation Center
Project Description

A high-finish spa space with unique materiality, temperature and lighting controls.

Spacetime Floatation Center
939 W North Ave | Chicago
Construction Schedule:
15 Weeks
3,000 SF
Consumer Services
ERA | Eric Rothfender Architect
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project overview

PM: Chris Evans

Sr. Superintendent: Rich Jaworowski

ERA | Eric Rothfender Architect
Spacetime Floatation CenterSpacetime Floatation CenterSpacetime Floatation CenterSpacetime Floatation Center

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