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Priority Sports

BIG Construction was involved from the preliminary stages of the project to guide Priority through the complete expansion and renovation of their flagship offices.

Located in the historic Reid Murdoch building, existing conditions posed a challenge. Working alongside the architect, MEP team, and building management, BIG conducted a full inspection of the floor and ceiling conditions to align with the client and design team’s vision. BIG conducted over a dozen mock-ups of different flooring types to determine the selected option.

Drawing inspiration from the company’s athletic roots, custom-built elements provide an opportunity to showcase the brand.

A customizable peg wall, installed and engineered by BIG, provides a canvas to showcase sports memorabilia, while a customizable “ticker board” envelops the front lobby, ensuring they never miss a game.

Priority Sports
Project Description

Located in a historic building, this custom buildout for a Chicago-based sports agency creates an inviting environment through custom-built design features.

Priority Sports
325 N LaSalle | Chicago
Construction Schedule:
12 Weeks
11,000 SF
Professional Services
Partners By Design

Furniture: Corporate Concepts

This project was powered by our Helix initiative. For more information click here.

project overview

Charlie Murphy, Dan Hartman, Haley Gunst, Julian, Rich, Jason

Partners By Design

Furniture: Corporate Concepts

Priority SportsPriority SportsPriority SportsPriority Sports

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