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Confidential Women's Health Office

Taking advantage of the project’s high ceilings, BIG increased the footprint by installing a new mezzanine floor. BIG worked with Studio GC to coordinate the build and aquire fire rating approval from the city. Alongside steel fabricators and engineers, BIG coordinated the slab structure placement required to effectively lay out the mezzanine floor.

The project is characterized by its  striking architectural features, including the heart of the space- a large glass atrium that now houses the practice’s conference room and learning center. BIG conducted a full evaluation of the facade, ultimately replacing all of the glass and glazing to ensure a water-tight finish and prevent leaks.

Confidential Women's Health Office
Project Description

BIG conducted the interior buildout of this health center, carrying out a custom-tailored plan to enhance this unique double-height space.

Confidential Women's Health Office
1212 North LaSalle Street | 2nd Floor | Chicago
Construction Schedule:
22 Weeks
9,500 SF
Studio GC
This project was powered by our Helix initiative. For more information click here.

project overview

Madison Meredith

Studio GC
Confidential Women's Health OfficeConfidential Women's Health OfficeConfidential Women's Health OfficeConfidential Women's Health Office
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