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2895 Greenspoint Parkway | 4th Floor | Hoffman Estates
19,000 square feet

BIG Construction is providing construction management services for Omron’s fourth floor office conversion. The project was broken into phases, and employees are now occupying the private and open offices completed in the first phase. An executive suite, board room, and experience laboratory were also added. In the second phase, the rest of the floor will be turned into a common area with opportunity for several meeting formats including open meeting areas, huddle rooms of various sizes, and conference rooms.

Omron occupies all five floors in the building and wanted the new space to have the same finishes as the other floors. Challenges included protecting the finishes that were reused and matching carpet. BIG successfully reused many doors and frames in the reconfigured space, maintaining consistency with the rest of Omron’s space and allowing for budget to be allocated to the experience laboratory.