Grubhub | 22nd Floor Renovation

Location: 111 West Washington street | Chicago
Size: 15,000 Square Feet
Project Team: Architect - Shive-Hattery Inc, Architecture and Design | Engineer - Millies Engineering Group 

Located in the historical Burnham Center, BIG renovated the twenty-second floor and roof deck of Grubhub’s existing corporate offices to increase the space available for client and employee engagement. The 3,000-square-foot roof deck highlights Grubhub’s unique brand with the installation of branded lights and seating accented with new cedar slat pergolas and banquette seating. Structural upgrades and new perimeter rail guards were made to the rooftop to comply with safety regulations.  The interior renovation to the twenty-second floor features a conference center and lounge equipped with a new Creston AV system, furniture and finishes. The live green-wall in the lounge is accented by custom Grubhub finishes. 


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