Technology Continues to Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Brokk Robot 160

Improving safety and efficiency continues to be a priority at BIG. Earlier this month, our project team used the Brokk 160 robot to demo through two-floors to install an interstitial stair at Emergency Nurses Association new office building. This type of robot saves time, improves efficiency and reduces safety risk. Controlled by a human operator, the operator can stand up to thirty (30) feet away from the demolition site while remaining in control and safe throughout the entire process. The robot can cut straight up and, on an angle, improving the quality of demolition. The robot also outpaces the productivity of four to five laborers’ work volume in one day. 

We are currently working with the Emergency Nurses Association to renovate the 40,000-square-foot office building they purchased in Schaumburg, IL. Once complete, the new office building will feature open office workspaces, a multi-purpose area, conference center, and boardroom. We are partnering with interior design firm, BOX Studios and owner's representative, Savills Studley.

Taylor Preuss