Solutions to Your Office Acoustical Woes


Last week, Tony Iannessa and Isaac Chinwalla joined me at the Greater Chicago Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Small Law Firm Committee to discuss how to improve acoustics in an office space. Many of the attendees voiced that their acoustical offices woes are primarily from staff that occupy private offices and conference rooms not staff that work in an open office space. We explained there are several solutions to these types of acoustical problems.

  1. Problem One: Voices carrying between Private Offices and Conference Spaces

    Install insulated drywall from concrete slab to metal decking
    Install mechanical z-ducts
    Install gaskets between window mulltions and partitions
    Staggering the position of electrical sockets & wrap back-boxes with puddy pads

  2. Problem Two: Noise carrying through glass wall

    Two Layers of Glass
    Seamless Glass Wall
    Install door gaskets if doors are not in frames

  3. Problem Three: Minimizing open office noise

    Demountable Partitions
    Sound-masking system

Before your problems can be fixed, a site evaluation needs to be conducted, and, your general contractor also needs to understand your office’s construction history, schedule, budget and business priorities are. Acoustical problems are solvable, and with the right approach and right team you can fix your problems.

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